If your organization is interested in joining the United Against Drones network or posting an anti-drone actionplease contact unitedagainstdrones…at…

  1. Zachary Tanton says:

    I’ve started a petition at for President Obama to withdraw the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director. Brennan is one of the key architects of the current drone strike program which kills innocent civilians and has been used against American citizens who were never formally convicted or charged with a crime. He also is complicit of torture resulting from the use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ that he had knowledge of and/or involvement with. His appointmen as director of the CIA would not be a step forward but a continuation of erroneous policies of the past. Please consider supporting and signing this petition.

  2. norobotwar says:

    join our petition to UNO against drones at or by email to

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