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All photos credit to Jim Haber

This blog reflects the growing opposition to the use of drone aircraft for surveillance, assassination and warfare. Drones are more technically referred to as “unmanned aerial systems” or “unmanned aerial vehicles” or “remotely piloted aircraft” (or systems);  “unmanned combat air vehicles” refers to drones that are armed and that can attack as well as monitor and guide ordinance fired by other sources.

The motivation for creating this group was to facilitate national coordination of actions about drones, wherever they may be found…in manufacturing, testing or deployment. We will strive not to be redundant to other resources that already exist, and will happily point to such resources rather than duplicating them here. This list will more focus on action ideas, but will also include news as it informs our work.

The keepers and contributors to this list hope to be generating ideas and resources to assist in the coordination of demonstrations and educational actions with the intent of awakening the public to the global concerns about increased use of robots as a means of social control and for the making of war. We will point to other resources that will be maintained more frequently than this one for news items and outlets.

Initial participants in United Against Drones include members from various activist communities, including:

Nevada Desert Experience
Nuclear Resister
Voices for Creative Nonviolence
CODEPINK Women for Peace
Norfolk Catholic Worker
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars

If you have a group that wants to act collaboratively against drones, know that we are all committed to nonviolence. We want to team up!

Contact us to see what we can do together for virtual and real peace.

-Jim Haber and Mary Lou Anderson
for United Against Drones